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Commercial properties can be serviced by a Gordon Eadie Landscaping and Design team 24/7/365. We offer multiple contract/service options to meet your business’s budget and specific needs. We provide customized Per Service Contracts as well as per event, seasonal, and time and materials.

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Deicing Services

Snow Hauling Service

Snow Hauling and Relocating Services

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Pre-Season Inspections

Upon contract initiation, we research all nuances of your property and assign a properly vetted and trained service partner to service your property. We align them with an in-house manager to ensure that expectations are met and exceeded.

Your property is inspected before the season for damages. If there are any pre-existing damages, they are documented with photos and submitted to our customers for their records.

Snow stakes are placed to alert our crews to where the curbs and other obstructions are located. This helps us avoid damage during more significant storms.

Contracted services begin pre-storm and continue throughout snow and ice events. Follow our progress at your property through your personal web-based UtilizeCore portal. This provides you visibility into service progress at each of your properties. We have a vast and well-vetted network of snow removal partners who spring to action to plow and salt parking lots, as well as shovel sidewalks. Your property is kept safe and operational for all customers, tenants, and employees.


Plan and Prepare Before
Snow Falls

You will know our plan well before the event is due to impact your property. As part of our commercial snow removal services, we provide weather forecasts sent to you from our team’s forecast meteorologist partner. These notifications begin 48 hours ahead of an event and include what type of precipitation to expect, the timing of the event, and anticipated accumulation.

Deicing Service

Deicing Services

With snow often comes ice. Our team offers deicing services along with snow plowing. We’ll deice sidewalks, loading docks, entrances, and parking lots to keep everyone safe.

Snow Hauling and Relocating Services

If you need a significant amount of snow hauled off the property or relocated to a different part of your property, our teams can help. We will assess the situation and present the best option for you. Our removal experts provide you with a real-time proposal for this service on a case-by-case basis as conditions/needs dictate.

Equipment Hauling Snow

Partner with Gordon Eadie Landscaping and Design for Snow Removal Services Today

Gordon Eadie Landscape and Design can help your commercial space prepare to weather the winter with our commercial snow removal services.

We are here to partner with you to ensure your specific snow removal needs are customized for your property.

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